Alvord Hot Springs



Greatest little gem! Amazing place, amazing soak, and gracious hospitality. I’m a big fan!


Hot water lover

Yo it was the most unreal outdoor experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve been in many remote places around the country. This place really gives you such a sense of freedom to experience a wide variety of thrilling activities. From speeding full throttle in the playa, to hiking the beautiful mountain ranges across the road. And of course tripping under the stars while sitting in an outdoor natural hot tub.


Facebook reviewer

They’ve maintained the wild and rustic feel of the hot springs, while adding just a touch of civility with the additional campground and bathroom facilities.


Facebook reviewer

This camp is extraordinary, staffed by a team of compassionate, wise and generous people.

Barbara Jameson

Chicago, IL

When the name Campterra is brought up it makes me do two things. One makes me feel so amazing inside because it is the best camp in the world. The second thing I do is I think about how it is not just a camp but how it is a life changing experience.

Sam Rivers

Tallahassee, FL

We love Campterra for the friendships, confidence, and joy that come from being a part of a close, happy, unabashedly zaney community!

Samanta Willson

Atlanta, GA